About me:

Currently, I am an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Mount Holyoke College. My research focuses on natural resource management and conservation. To carry out this work, I combine theory and empirical techniques from economics, ecology, and natural history. I teach courses in the economics department on environmental and natural resource economics and econometrics. I also have taught a freshman seminar on bird migration and bird conservation.

Peer-reviewed Publications:

Gilliland, Ted E. 2024. The declaration of a new small-range species increases wildlife tourism. Biological Conservation: 296, 110712.

Gilliland, Ted E., James N. Sanchirico, J. Edward Taylor. 2022. “A bioeconomic local general equilibrium assessment of distributional consequences of small-scale fisheries reform in developing countries.” Marine Resource Economics. 37(2), 111-134.

* Winner of 2022 Outstanding Article in Marine Resource Economics Award.

Gilliland, Ted E. 2021. “Northern Parulas (Setophaga americana) mobbing a Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Margarops fuscatus) depredating an adult Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola).” Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 34:29–31.

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Gilliland, Ted E., James N. Sanchirico, and J. Edward Taylor. 2019. “An Integrated Bioeconomic Local Economy-Wide Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Poverty Programs.” PNAS 116 (14): 6737–42.